Antenna Diamond MC-101S

Antenna Diamond MC-101S
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Antenna Diamond MC-101S

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MC-101S is a car antenna manufactured by Diamond, designed for operation in the frequency range of 117-174 MHz. The antenna pin is made of high-quality steel, in the base has a spring. The MC-101S is mounted on a magnetic base with a PL-connector or on a special antenna cable with a UHF base for mounting on a bracket.

MC-101S corresponds to 5/8 wavelength, its height is 1.62 m. The maximum received signal power of the antenna can reach 200 W.

  • Frequency range: 117-174 MHz;
  • Antenna height: 1.62 m;
  • Maximum power input: 200 watts;
  • Amplification: 3.4 dB;
  • Wave resistance: 50 Ohm;
  • Type of radiating element: 5 / 8λ;
  • Connector on the antenna: PL (UHF-male);
  • Weight: 180g.

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