Antenna KV ASH-2.6B

Antenna KV ASH-2.6B
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Antenna KV ASH-2.6B

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ASH-2.6B - short-wave ship whip antenna designed for operation in the range from 2 to 14 MHz. Effective and flexible ASH-2.6B has a length of 2.6 meters, therefore it is used mainly on small vessels and vessels with non-metallic hull.

The ASH-2.6B consists of two sections: a fiberglass rod with a spiral wound wire and a metal flexible pin. Thanks to the hinged attachment, the antenna can be installed at any angle to the base.

  • Length: 2,6 m
  • The diagram is circular
  • Polarization - vertical
  • Diameter of the pin:
  • 1 section - 10 mm
  • 2 section - 3 mm
  • Antenna mounting method: 3/8 "x24 bolt
  • Mounting bracket SSM, BM-1
  • Power rating 250 W PEP
  • Connection Insulated wire, length 1.5 m

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