Antenna Anli EX-2V

Antenna Anli EX-2V
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Antenna Anli EX-2V

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Anli EX-2V - car antenna, adjustable in the frequency range of 114-180 MHz. The tuning of the antenna is easy and simple, by shortening the radiating pin according to the attached instruction. The EX-2V is mounted on a magnetic base or a special bracket with a NMO connector.

The NMO connector ensures stability of the parameters over the entire tuning range, it is placed in the base of the antenna in a sealed housing of impact-resistant polymer. The Anli EX-2V antenna pin is made of stainless steel, the damper spring allows you to suppress mechanical loads.

  • The tuning frequency range is 114-180 MHz;
  • Antenna height: 1.18 m;
  • The bandwidth to SWR is 1.5: 4-15 MHz;
  • Maximum power input: up to 100 watts;
  • Reinforcement: 3.2 dBi;
  • The length of the radiating element: 5/8 λ;
  • Material of the radiating element: steel;
  • Housing material: polymer ABS-resin;
  • Wind load (stationary fixing): 130 km / h;
  • Connector for installation: NMO;
  • Weight: ~ 250 g.

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