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Navigation by systems

There are currently about 30 ECDIS systems on the market. Even though they have a lot in common, they also have important differences in detail

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Connecting KODEN-2910 to cartography

A feature of the KODEN-2910 radar is the connection to the cartography, to obtain ARPA data. The TT function supports up to 60 targets and is designed to ensure the safety of navigation, because the radar screen displays maneuvers of other vessels in the form of digital or vector information. 
Target data is automatically transmitted via the ports (J4 / J5), which are located on the rear panel of the indicator, as shown in the picture below.

With this arrangement of allocations J4, J5 & J6, the following sendings are sent: $ RATTM, $ RATTD, $ RATLB and, therefore, the following data is output:

  • 1 Shield 
  • 2 OUT-A 
  • 3 OUT-B 
  • 4 IN-A 
  • 5 IN-B 
  • 6 Ground 
The pinout is established in accordance with the pin assignment of the data connector 2,3 or 2 / 3,6.

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