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The voyage plan

Passage planning applies to all vessels and should be from earth to berth, including those areas necessitating the presence of a pilot

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Транзас THESIS 23.10.2017

Транзас THESIS

At the international exhibition Neva-2017, Transas introduced THESIS (Transas Harmonized Eco System of Integrated Solutions), a fully integrated suite of solutions for e-Navigation. The work of the THESIS system is based on a platform that allows remote management of administrative processes for a single ship and for a whole fleet of a shipping company. THESIS provides real-time communication and information exchange between the vessel, ship traffic control services, shore services and shipping company operational centers. The flexibility of the system allows you to share data and store it privately.

THESIS will allow users to make more informed decisions, optimize daily operations on the ship and ensure a high level of professional training. Also, this system will help to establish a well-coordinated work among the main representatives of the marine industry, which will act on the basis of a common information platform.

The ecosystem of unified integrated solutions THESIS combines a ship, an operation center, ship traffic management and the academy (marine simulators and training) on ​​the basis of cloud technologies, thereby ensuring the safety of navigation, navigation and ship operations. A good example of the practical application of the THESIS managed environment is the implementation of a set of e-Navigation solutions within the Yamal LNG project.

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