New service for preventive cleaning of ship's radio navigation equipment

New service for preventive cleaning of ship's radio navigation equipment

To the attention of the crews of merchant marine vessels, superintendents, and responsible persons!
We offer you a new service - professional preventive cleaning of shipboard communication and navigation equipment.

Marine radio navigation equipment, as well as computers and other high-tech devices, need timely cleaning. Dust that is in the air is sucked in and remains in the equipment enclosures. It clogs the coolers, clogs the connectors, sticks to the boards. All this leads to overheating, to incorrect operation, equipment freezes, and then breakdown.

Timely preventative cleaning and professional service can significantly extend the life of your expensive equipment, as well as reduce the cost of its possible repair. The need for prevention is also confirmed by such manufacturers as Furuno, Cobham, JPC, Samyung, Transas, indicating this in the instructions for the equipment for its use.

Service engineers of our company are ready to conduct professional preventive cleaning of any ship's radio and navigation equipment, which may include:

  • minor repairs that do not require turning off the equipment in order to timely correct minor defects, including: tightening of contacts and fasteners;
  • adjustment of devices providing output parameters;
  • checking the absence of abnormal noises and hum, as well as the absence of sparking;
  • checking the presence of rubber sealing rings, plugs and insulators;
  • checking the compliance of the equipment with the operating conditions and the load, checking the serviceability of the wiring connected to the equipment and grounding networks, external and internal inspection for visible damage;
  • tightening fasteners, cleaning contacts from dirt and sag, oxides.
  • cleaning boards and internal volumes of equipment from dust, oxides, pollution.
Specify more detailed information in the service department:
email: service@cirspb.ru

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