EGC - Enhanced group call


EGC - Enhanced group call

 EGC  - Enhanced group call - it broadcast messages in a communications network Inmarsat-C. It allows you to send messages and data to mobile earth stations MES Inmarsat-C. 

 EGC messages are sent to the coast earth station LES coastal information providers using features such as telex, processed coast earth station and transmitted to the LES-station network coordinator NCS, and then sent to the mobile earth stations INMARSAT-C MES through a common channel NCS.EGC offers the following three services: Services Safety NET ™, Fleet NET ™ service and service system (System service). 
  •  Safety NET ™ - service, mainly used for the dissemination of information about the safety of navigation, such as distress calls from shore to ship, weather and coastal warnings. 
  •  Service Fleet NET ™ - commercial communication service that allows coastal information providers to send messages to a specific group of subscribers. 
  •  System service - a service that provides transmission of information about the system.
 And Safety NET ™, and Fleet NET ™ technology uses a flexible addressing allows, depending on the specific requirements of the user, receive messages from multiple service providers. Service Safety NET ™ uses the technique of addressing geographical area for direct messaging courts within a limited area. The service Fleet NET ™ uses a closed user group and a unique addressing that provides secure messaging from onshore information provider specific group of subscribers.  

Can transfer the following types of messages: 

  • Calling all (General Call) 
  • Group Call (Group Call) 
  • Urgent message (Urgency), Navigational warnings in a rectangular area (NAV) 
  • System message Inmarsat (Inmarsat system) 
  • Coastal warnings (Coastal warning) 
  • Distress call shore to ship (Shore-ship distress alert) within a circular area 
  • System message EGC (EGC system) 
  • Urgent message (Urgency), meteorological / navigational warnings (MET / NAV) within a circular area 
  • Weather warnings for areas NAVAREA (MET NAVAREA) for transmission of weather forecasts 
  • Loading group identifier 
  • Coordination of operations for search and rescue (SAR) in a rectangular area 
  • Coordination of operations for search and rescue (SAR) within a circular area 
  • Adjustment cards 
  • Correction cards for a fixed area 

Inmarsat usually have two kinds of modes of reception: 

• 'Inmarsat-C': EGC message can be taken when the Inmarsat-C is in the process of communication. 
• 'EGC receive only' (only reception EGC): EGC message can always be made, and Inmarsat-C mode can be ignored. 
However, the distress call and can be sent in a mode 'EGC receive only' (only reception EGC). Also, in some LES can restrict received messages EGC (EGC) choice Navarea, fixed area (Fixed area), the type of received messages (reception type), coverage area NAVTEX (navtex Coverage area) and the type of messages NAVTEX (navtex Message). 


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