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Replacement Inmarsat D +

Replacement Inmarsat D +

The company Communications and Radio Navigation offers upgrade options for the operation of the ship security alarm system (SSAS) and long-range identification and tracking of vessels (LRIT) based on Inmarsat.

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Install and configure ShipMail Connect for Iridium

Configuring Iridium ShipMail
Configuring the program for Iridium

Brief instructions for installing, configuring and using ShipMail Connect 3

1. Install ShipMail Connect 3 on the hard disk of your computer. To do this:
• Insert the CD with the program into the CD drive
• in the menu that appears, select the ShipMail Connect 3.0 and click the Install button
• Select the "Russian" in the "Installation Language" menu
• click the "Next" button in all other windows that are opened
• in the " Select additional tasks ", select the item" Create a shortcut on the desktop "
• wait until the files have been copied, and click" Finish "to start the program.


2. In the window that opens, click the "Options" button.
In the menu located vertically on the left side, select "Users", then click the "Add" button.


Fill in all fields (for example, as follows):


"Login" master

"Name" master
"Aliases" master
"Password" sormovskiy48

Click "OK"

3. In the left vertical menu, select "Domains", then click "Add."
Enter the domain @
Click "OK"


4. In the left vertical menu, select "Dialer".
Fill in the fields as follows:


"Login name" sormovskiy48

"Password" orion

Click the "Apply" button

5. In the left vertical menu, select "Scheduler".
Disable it by unchecking the "Enable Scheduler" box.
Click the "Apply" button

6. In the left vertical menu, select "Connections".


Select the "Use" field in the "Direct connection" section.
Select the type of the modem by clicking the arrow at the end of the "Use" line (for Iridium, choose the standard 9600 modem - it must be installed in Windows in advance).
Click the "Options" button to select the type of modem. In your case it will be World-Link Irirdium Modem.
Enter one of the phone numbers 0015083708060 or 0015083704040 or # 2813 or # 2819
Click "Apply"

7. In the left vertical menu, select "Lock".
Cancel the lock by removing the checkmarks in all fields.

8. Select "Mail client" in the left vertical menu.
From the list select the mail program installed on your computer - Outlook Express or The Bat!, Which you will use for correspondence.
Click the "Apply" and "OK" buttons.

9. Launch your email program.
If this is Outlook Express:
• select "Tools", then "Accounts" and click "Add"
• Enter your e-mail address (in your case master @ and the name of the ship (sormovskiy48) and press the button "Further".
• On the next page, fill in the fields
"POP server" localhost
"SMTP server" localhost
Click "Next".
• Fill in the "Username" and "Password" fields. They must match those you defined for the user in ShipMail Connect (in your case, master and sormovskiy48 respectively).
• You do not need to select anything on the "Connection" page! Do not tick "Connect using"!
The configuration of the Outlook Express mail client is completed.
If you use the program The Bat! The sequence of actions should be as follows:
• Select the "Box" menu item, then "New mailbox".
• Enter the name of the new box (name of the vessel sormovskiy45). Click "Next".
• Enter your e-mail address (in your case, master @ and click the "Next" button.
• Fill in the same lines as "localhost" for the "Server for receiving mail" and "SMTP server address" lines. Click "Next".
• Fill in the "Username" and "Password" fields. They must match those you defined for the user in ShipMail Connect (in your case, master and sormovskiy48 respectively). Click the "Next" and "Finish" buttons.
The Bat! completed.

10. Sending / receiving messages
Create a message in your email program, for example, in Outlook Express.
Click the "Deliver" button. The message will be sent to ShipMail Connect and queued for delivery.
In the main window of ShipMail Connect 3 click the "Dialer" button. After that, the program will connect to the server to send your messages waiting in the queue and receive new messages arriving in your mailbox.
After the connection process is over, start Outlook Express and click the "Deliver" button to view the new mail.

Important! If you use nested files (documents, graphics, etc.), we strongly recommend that their names be made only with Latin characters.

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