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Replacing old kinescopes with old radars on LCD displays

Replacing old kinescopes with old radars on LCD displays

Our company is updating old radar indicators. You turn off the sweep cards, kinescope board, remove the kinescope and install a new LCD display in the old radar frame.

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Thrane&Thrane SAILOR SP 3520

SAILOR SP 3520  is designed for marine use as emergency GMDSS equipment meets the requirements of resolution A.809 and A.694 (17) of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the International 61097-12 resolution Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Since 1999., Under the conventions SOLAS, in accordance with the requirements of all GMDSS marine vessels should be mandatory since such stations equipped for rescue operations.

Portable  radio SAILOR SP3520  RMRS approval. Waterproof housing radio complies with IP67. Resistant to ultraviolet radiation. Backlit large LCD is very convenient to work in the dark. Wearable  radio SAILOR SP3520  is resistant to ultraviolet radiation. In 3520 the station SP-programmed for all international (U.S. and Canadian) simplex and duplex channels and GMDSS. Simultaneous tracking channels 2-3 (16-m, and a work 9). Power station SP3520 - 2 watts.

Features marine VHF GMDSS SAILOR SP3520:

  • Fully meets the latest requirements of the GMDSS
  • Solid performance
  • Class of protection against water
  • Large display
  • Large convenient buttons
  • Ribbed shape for secure hold
  • Interfaces for external devices


Characteristics of the marine VHF GMDSS SAILOR SP3520
Frequency Range (MHz):  
- receiving mode  
- the transfer mode

Number of working channels 23 simplex channel
Communication Systems simplex / half duplex
Class of emission G3E
Radiation power 2 W - maximum possible downgrade to 1 W
Supply voltage 7.2 VDC. current
Degree of protection IP67
Operating Temperature Range -20 ° C.. +55 ° C.
Storage Temperature Range -30 ° C.. +70 ° C.


Grade marine VHF GMDSS SAILOR SP3520:

  • SP3520 radio with antenna
  • Emergency Li battery (Li-Ion battery)
  • Charger AC / DC Adapter
  • Case with Strap for SP3520
  • RMRS certificate form 6.5.31

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