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The principle of the classification of courts RRR (extract from the rules)

The principle of the classification of courts RRR (extract from the rules)

The principle of the classification of courts RRR(extract from the rules)

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Wind sensor AIRMAR

AIRMAR wind sensor is a compact device with no moving parts, combining up to seven sensors for different purposes.
Weather stations AIRMAR advantage over others is that they do not need to install several individual sensors - all the equipment fits in a single compact housing. The readings are not affected by the wind speed problem, known in mechanical anemometers and measuring devices, such as weather, bearing wear, the accumulation of salts and dirt or bird sitting down, which may lead to malfunctioning or failure of the data.
The range of wind speed: 0 knots - 78 knots (MPH 0 to 90 miles per hour, 0 m / s to 40 m / s)
Step changes in wind speed: 0.1 knots (0.1 miles per hour, 0.1 m / s)
The accuracy of the wind speed at 0 C to 55 C (32 F to 131 F), no precipitation *
Low wind speed: 0-10 knots; 1uzel RMS + 10% of reading (0 miles per hour to 11.5 miles per hour; 1.1MPH + 10% of reading)
High wind speed: 10-78 knots; Node 2 or 5% RMS is greater (11.5 miles per hour to 90 miles per hour, 2.3 miles per hour, or 5%)
The error of the wind speed in wet conditions **: 5 knots RMS (RMS 5,7 miles per hour, 2.5 m / s RMS)
Wind direction range from 0 to 360
Step measuring wind direction: 0.1
Compass accuracy:
- 1 , when the RMS-level (150WX only)
- 1 accuracy static header; 2 dynamic accuracy zagolovkom- (200WX only)
Temperature: -40 C to 55 C (-40 F to 131 F)
The range of barometric pressure: 300 mbar to 1100 mbar (24 inches to 33 inches, 800 hPa to 1100 hPa)
Accuracy barometric pressure: 1 mbar (0,029 Hg 1 hPa)
Relative humidity range: 10% to 95% RH- (110WX, 150WX & 200WX)
GPS positioning accuracy: 3 m (10 ') with WAAS / EGNOS (95% of the time, SA off) - (150WX & 200WX)
Operating temperature range: from -25 C to 55 C (-13 F to 131 F)
Power supply: 9 V to 40 V DC
Current consumption (at 12 V)
- <500 mW (<40 mA) -100WX
- <600 mW (<50 mA) -110WX
- <850 MW (<70 mA) -150WX
- <1.8 W (<90 mA) -200WX
Weight: 300 grams (0.8 pounds)
Communication interface: RS232 or RS422 and CAN


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