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Bad connections are not uncommon, so the navigator should be familiar with the various components of the navigation system and how they are connected

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Improvements VisionMaster FT products.

Major changes would relate to equipment such as:
  • Marine radar
  • TotalWatch system
Moreover, advanced configuration in the package standard build NGSM navigation equipment and spare parts for them.
A powerful processor, consisting of a new solid state drive, was introduced in production in order to best meet the requirements for ECDIS and Radar.
New VMFT processor unit includes:
  • A new set of the Intel® Q87 chipset.

Thus VMFT 4 supports Intel® CoreTM processor generation

  • Solid-state hard drive.
Previous hard drive has been replaced by a new solid state drive (SSD), designed with the latest technology of lithography 16nm MLC. This change improves the quality of products in terms of reliability, durability, impact resistance and protection. The device is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of IEC 60945.
  • Improved air circulation.
Since the overhead console are not inclined to support the functionality of the air flow inside the structure, it was decided to optimize the processor is capable of operating at high temperatures. The new and improved air flow is designed by introducing:
  • Larger and more powerful fan for cooling the processor block in the front.
  • New air flows provide improved ventilation within the housing.
  • Clever design used for discharging heated air to the rear of the processor unit.
  • Additional improvements.
Other improvements include a dedicated USB-connector, shown in Figure 2 and 3, which provides easier access to the USB ports located at the back of the processor unit.
  • New 26 'ECDIS screen having an appropriate approval.
The new display 65926L-3 is designed to replace the previous versions of the monitors 65926L-65926L-1 and 2.
Despite the fact that apparently the new display is quite similar to previous models, 65926L uses LED backlight technology.
This makes it possible to improve the brightness, to provide longer life and low power consumption. The display generates less heat and is lighter weight. The new monitor is approved for use in ECDIS, and passed all the tests required to meet the requirements of IEC 60945: 2002 and 62288: 2008 Brightness reduced to 1cd / m2, in accordance with the requirements of the 11th Amendment MED.

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