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New repair kit for container mod 10/3

This message is about a new set of gaskets for the gyro compass container 10/3 (part number 022561). 

It is used in gyrocompasses NAVIGAT X Mk1; MK2; NAVIGAT 100 and gyrocompasses CompassNet NAVIGAT 200

The new container gasket kit (stock number 025963) consists of:

1. Two white filler plugs (025579) with sealing rings (025620)

2. The newest model of a drain stopper with a gray lining (025764)

3 Large O-ring for container (046156)

The kit is intended for overhaul of containers of gyrocompasses 10/3. The above items are not sold as separate items, they are only available in this kit.

A new set of gaskets for the container is available for order. Stock No. 025963-0000-000 

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