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ECDIS on board

ECDIS on board

From 2018, all high-speed vessels, passenger ships> 500 GT, cargo ships and tankers> 3000 GT must be equipped with ECDIS

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Setting the positioning source on the NaviTreks Locman

In order to establish a positioning source requires:

  1. Open the "Modify Motion Data" panel by selecting the appropriate menu in the TASKS pane of the control panel.
  2. In the left upper part of the "Modify motion data" panel, switch to the "Position source" page.


The "Position source" page is used to select the positioning source. The Source Position page displays all connected positioning sources, as well as the Dead Reckoning (DR) and Echo Reference (ER) modes.

Installation of electronic positioning system

To enter the correction to the coordinates coming from the ESP, use one of the following procedures:

Manual input.
  1. Position the cursor in the Correction window on the minutes value and press the left mouse button.
  2. Enter the correction to the coordinates and press the <Enter> key.
Enter correction with the cursor.
  1. Click the "Correction" button and select Cursor.
  2. Set the appeared graphic cursor to the correct coordinates of the vessel's position.
  3. Press the left mouse / trackball button.
The symbol of the vessel will move to the specified coordinates. Correction to the coordinates will be displayed in the Correction window, and in the position window the corrected coordinates from the ESP will be displayed.

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