Preview of new gyrocompasses NAVIGAT


Preview of new gyrocompasses NAVIGAT

1. Gyrocompasses NAVIGAT 100 and NAVIGAT 200

With more than 100 years of experience in the production of marine gyrocompasses, NGSM offers an advanced model with small dimensions and light weight. A unique method of supporting the system with liquid ensures the stabilization of the north, even during short power failures. The gyrocompass provides high accuracy and maximum reliability under all environmental conditions. Gyrocompasses are long-term reliable investments with low operating costs. 

Preview of new gyrocompasses NAVIGAT

The key advantages of the NAVIGAT 100 and 200 gyrocompasses are:

  • Ethernet-based communication protocol for easy installation
  • Maximum tracking speed: 100 ° / sec
  • Position offset function 180 ° (only for NAVIGAT 200)
  • Approved type of rotation speed
  • Stabilization in the north during short-term power interruptions with manual or automatic latitude-rate error.
  • Low maintenance requirements

The main characteristics of NAVIGAT 100 and 200:

  • The average error of arrival in the meridian (RMS): ≤0.1 ° sec. latitude
  • Static error (RMS): ≤0.1 ° sec. latitude 
  • Dynamic error (RMS): ≤0.4 ° sec. latitude
  • Minimum step of course change: 0.1 °
  • Rotation speed: ≤0.5 ± 5% ° / min
  • The value of the rolls that do not affect the work: ± 40 °
  • Average arrival time in the meridian: 2 - 3 hours
  • Maximum tracking speed: 100 ° / sec
  • Stabilization in the north with power interruption: ~ 3 min.

When the provision of data on the speed and speed of the x / y / z transmission is provided by three different sensors, in combination with the CompassNet course management system, a very powerful, reliable and economical Dynamic Positioning (DP) application is achieved. The above illustration shows a typical triple DP configuration using the NAVIGAT 200 gyros.

2. NAVIGAT 2200 and 3000 fiber optic gyrocompasses (FOG)

The family of fiber-optic gyroscopes NAVIGAT is a solid-state, fully electronic marine gyrocompass designed for integrated navigation bridges and modern high-speed vessels. They provide very high accuracy, rapid alignment and compactness, making them one of the most cost-effective solutions for the commercial fleet. With a 10-20 minute launch, FOGs are also used on fast response vessels, such as search and rescue vessels (SAR) and patrol vessels (OPV). FOG sensors do not require periodic maintenance or calibration, making it an ideal solution for ships that are designed for low maintenance costs or for vessels that are long at sea. Other key features include a very compact size and light weight (volume 3, 

Preview of new gyrocompasses NAVIGAT

In the CompassNet configuration, the key specifications are listed below:


  • Course (RMS): ≤0.4 ° sec. latitude

  • The angle of roll / pitch is ≤ 0.1 ° for angles ≤ 45 ° (RMS)

  • Rotation speed ≤ 0.018 ° / minute

  • Speed ​​X / Y ≤ 0.4 ° / minute

Preview of new gyrocompasses NAVIGATNAVIGAT 2200:

  • Course (RMS): ≤ 0.75 ° sec. latitude

  • Angle of roll / pitch, max. ± 60 °

  • Rotational speed of RMS (by 0.1%) by ≤1000 parts per million

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