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New standards for ECDIS system.

New standards for ECDIS system.

Since the initial standards for ECDIS (ECDIS) systems were published in 1998, a number of shortcomings and problems related to the implementation of these standards have arisen.

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New replacement kit for VDR MDP-A427 battery

From June 2018, Kelvin Hughes will begin shipping the battery pack under the MDP-A427 number. The kit includes 2 DAU batteries, an air filter and a BIOS battery. Shelf life - 3 years from the date of installation.

Important! Only original MDP-A427 batteries will be authorized for replacement, installing any other type will result in APT failure. Official consumables meet new security requirements and guarantee trouble-free operation in the event of an incident. 

Battery number 45-671-0358-001 will no longer be available separately, only in the kit that should be used when the batteries are to be replaced.

During the installation of these batteries, the expiration date should be marked as "3 years from the date of installation".

Changes will also be made to document CSD-1001 - the APT procedure. The introduction of this policy will become mandatory from January 1, 2019, to allow agents to have time to order batteries from the remaining reserves.

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