JRC JMA-5300 Series


JRC JMA-5300 Series

Radars model JMA-5312-6/5312-6HS / 5322-7 / 5322-9 / 5322-6HS / 5332-12 from JRC's are renowned for their accuracy and reliability in operation.Our company offers a data model for the lowest prices - please ask!

Supports ATA and ARPA, Gyro analog connection (via optional card) and digital (4800 and 38400), the connection AIS (optional board), GPS, electronic display cards, the output of radar images to third-party sources - all to transform simple radar in the universal navigation device.

 Radar installation is very simple. TU and processing unit connects one cable that has already attached connectors from both the scanner and the processor unit. Simply put the cable and plug connectors according to the description. The scanner is powered by a processor unit, and he, in turn, is powered by a power supply with a yield of 24 V. We recommend buying PS-103-20 . This power unit meets all requirements for JMA. A display device coupled to the processor 3mya cables. Video cable, brightness, display power cable. The keyboard is attached with Velcro, it is quite convenient because it at any time you can remove and reposition. Fixing the display has free lift angle can be adjusted. 

Description RMRS PPP
    Inland Navigation mixed swimming
JMA-5312-6, 10 kW, X-band, antenna 6 ' 10,000 rt Reduced no. 10,000 rt
JMA-5312-6HS (for high-speed vessels), 10 kW, X-band, antenna 6 ' 10,000 rt Reduced no. 10,000 rt
JMA-5322-6HS (for high-speed vessels), 25 kW, X-band, antenna 6 ' 10,000 rt Reduced no. 10,000 rt
JMA-5322-7, 25 kW, X-band, antenna 7 '  10,000 rt Reduced no. 10,000 rt
JMA-5322-9, 25 kW, X-band, antenna 9 '  10,000 rt Reduced no. 10,000 rt
JMA-5332-12, 30 kW, S-band, antenna 12 '  10,000 rt Reduced no. 10,000 rt
Ice-execution until 40grad. With 10,000 rt Reduced no. 10,000 rt


Package Includes:
10 kW scanner (JMA-5312-4/6/6HS) NKE-2103/2103HS
or 25 kW scanner (JMA-5322-7/9/6HS) NKE-2254/2254HS
or 30 kW scanner with 12 'antenna (JMA-5332-12) NKE-1130PM
4 'antenna (JMA-5312-4)  NAX-16B-4
or 6 'antenna (JMA-5312-6)  NAX-16B-6
or 7 'antenna (JMA-5322-7)  NAX-16B-7
or 9 'antenna (JMA-5322-9) NAX-16B-9
connecting block (JMA-5332-12 only) NQE-3151
Processor NDC-1417
20m antenna cable (JMA-5332-12 only) H-2695110056
30m antenna cable CFQ-6912-30
Keyboard 5 m cable NCE-5171
Color LCD monitor 19 '(without the attachment) NWZ-173-(DT)
Mounting Kit, User  


ATA unit (TT Processor Unit) NCA-877A
ARPA unit (TT Processor Unit) NCA-877WA
AIS interface unit NQA-2103
Monitor terminal (mount for 19 'TFT Monitor) MPBC42446
Monitor terminal (mount for 19 'TFT Monitor) MPBC42446R
Performance monitor X-band with fastening NJU-85 + MPBX45005
Power supply 220/24V NBA-5111
Antenna cable 10m - 65m CFQ-6912-10/65
Function plotter NDB-34A
Antenna switch (Max. 4 radar) NQE-3141-4A
Monitor 19 'TFT Display without Bracket NWZ-173-DT
2nd station to connect a keyboard NCE-5171-E
Framebuffer to connect to DDR CAD-249
Connecting kit for VDR CQD-1891
Fixing Keyboard MPXP33144
Certificate of PPP  


  • Improved signal processing system of multilevel increase resolution
  • Ability to suppress noise while swimming near the shore
  • Ability to update the radar images every 16 ms, almost in real time.
  • Easy to operate keyboard with integrated trackball and buttons adjust
  • LSD-display
  • Automatic calculation of the motion parameters up to 30 targets (ATA) up to 100 targets (APRA), captured automatically or manually
  • Imposition of e-cards
  • Mode of operation:  
    - Independent  
    - duplication mode image  
    - mode switch to the unified network to 8 radar configuration Black Box



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