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Procedure for installing Transas TX97 electronic cards

Procedure for installing Transas TX97 electronic cards 

1. Download Navi-Sailor. 
2. Click the Tasks button. 
3. Select the Map task. 
4. Click the Map Catalog button. The Chart Assistant utility should load. 
5. Select the format of the TX97 card in the upper left corner of the screen. 
6. Install CD 1 The main collection from the WF of the last issue (if the license permits the installation of maps Ladoga and Onega lakes). 
7. When the Startup menu appears from the CD-drive, click Exit Setup. 
8. Press the Update button. 
9. The Scan Disk window opens. 
10. Press the Browse button 
11. In the window that appears, select CDROM (#:). Click OK. 
12. In the window that appears, select the "check box" Synchronize Chart Collection. Press the OK button. 
13. The Chart Assistant window opens, where you can monitor the progress of card installation on the hard disk of your computer. 
14. After the installation is completed, the Chart Assistant last operation log window opens with the result of the last operation. 
15. Press the Close button. 
16. Remove from CD1 drive 
17. Insert CD2 and perform the same operations as CD1. 
18. Install the CD RIW from the WF of the last release. 
19. Follow steps 7 through 14. 
20. After completing the installation of the cards, press the Exit key.
21. A window will appear on the Navi-Sailor screen with the message: The map collection has been updated. 
22. Click the OK button 
. 23. Verify that the collection of cards is installed and everything is working correctly. 
24. The procedure for installing TX97 cards is complete. 

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