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Electronic chart maintenance

Electronic chart maintenance

When an electronic chart is loaded into the system it is reformatted to the system-specific format in its database SENC (System Electronic Navigational Chart)

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Error on the Headway HMT-100. Power supply.

Error on the remote display of the black box Headway HMT.  This error indicates a power failure of 220 V. The Black box also fits 24 from the ship's batteries / power supply and from its batteries inside the power supply, so the work continues. headway HMT-105.jpg 

This model of black boxes has a separate power supply.  At the bottom of it, 220V AC and 24V DC are connected. It is necessary to disconnect 220 and check the voltage in the cable. if not - look where the cable is coming from and check the source. If the voltage is - remove the cover and on the board on the bottom right, where the AC 220 wires are connected there is a fuse - check it. PS_headway_HMT.png 

The work must be performed by a qualified engineer, it is better to call for service on board to prevent equipment failure

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