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Connecting AIS TRANSAS T105 to a computer

Connecting AIS TRANSAS T105 to a computer

Connection options for AIS TRANSAS T105 to a computer

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GPS receivers not IMO

Good afternoon,
Dear Sirs. We bring to your attention that GNSS receivers GP-30, GP-31, GP-32, GP-35, GP-36, GP-37 will not be interfaced with modern IMO equipment. For example AIS Thrane & Thrane Sailor 6280.
When GPS is connected to the equipment in the monitoring system, signals will be displayed, but the equipment will not accept and display these equipment.
A replacement for IMO GNSS receivers is required, for example on the GP-150 or GP-90.

Below is a letter from Furuno

Service engineer "Communication & Radionavigation SPb" Co. Ltd.
Andrey Ilin
tel / fax +7 (812) 679-09-10
mob +79045531441
skype: ilinap1

The GP-30, GP-31, GP-32, GP-35, GP-36 and GP-37 are all designed for coastal ships, fishing boats and pleasure crafts and do not comply with any IMO resolutions and therefore cannot be used as primary navigator on any SOLAS ships.

I confirm that the GP-150 and the GP-90 fully meets the IMO resolution MSC 112(73) and IEC 61108-1 Ed.2 for SOLAS carriage requirements on and after 1 July 2003.

Best regards

Jakob Olsson

Area Sales Manager
Master Mariner

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