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Furuno FR-8005 Series

Series marine radar Furuno FR-8005 Series equipped with the function of digital signal processing and come with a large color display with a diagonal of 12 ', which allows the identification of targets in heavy rain and during poor visibility. Radar can distinguish between rain and reflective surfaces so that can track movement of rain clouds and avoid unnecessary echo. also on display in addition to the AIS displays 'true track movement' of vessels in sight of the radar. 
Even in the rain or inclement weather, Furuno FR-8005 clearly show the processed signal, unnecessary echo easily removed. Compared with the current series of radars (FR-8002) technology to remove noise, rain and snow has been greatly improved with the use of modern technology art digital signal processing Furuno. Just one touch to activate the noise reduction. 
When using the 'true track movement' (the True Trail Mode) on the radar display Furuno FR-8005 color will stand motion path nearby vessels, which in combination with AIS is much easier to navigate in areas with high traffic. 
Marine radar Furuno FR-8005 Series has a large color display with wide viewing obozora, which is easily configured to the user a convenient representation of the information. Furuno FR-8005 Series are capable of receiving data from the AIS equipment that allows you to see the screen of the radar target data: name, speed and direction of movement. With AIS receiver can identify and track the movement of other vessels in heavy fog, at night and in other difficult circumstances. Another advantage is that with the AIS target can be determined, which radar signals can not reach. AIS can display up to 100 targets at the same time, The 'Tracking purpose' can display up to 10 different targets simultaneously. 
  • Output power of 12 kW 
  • Type 1255 mm Outdoor (4 ') or 1795 mm Outdoor (6') 
  • The frequency of 9410 MHz ± 30 (X-band), p0n 
  • Beam width (horizontal) XN12A: 1.9 °, XN13A: 1.35 ° 
  • Beam width (vertical) 22 ° 
  • Libra range of 0.0625 to 72 nm 
  • Antenna speed of 24 rpm or 48 rpm * 
  • Weight XN12A: 25 kg; XN13A: 27 kg 
  • Display unit with 12.1-inch color LCD display, 800 (V) x 600 (V) pixels (SVGA) Weight 5.8 kg 
  • Waterproofing the antenna unit: IP26 
  • Display unit: IP55 (front) IP22 (rear) 
  • Power / current consumption 24 V DC 3.9 A (24 min), 4.5 (48 min)

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