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Vector Charts

Vector charts include innovative safety features that can activate or sound an alarm, for example when shallow water crosses a pre-set course

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Installation of a float-free VDR capsule

A freely pop up Flight Data Recorder (VDR) capsule should be correct

 is installed in the bracket (see Figure 1.)

A thin layer of silicone grease must be applied between the docking module and the module

 bracket (see Figure 2.)

Lubrication prevents contamination and salt build-up, which prevents non-contact data transmission.
- Do not use too much lubricant.
- Use grease only in the data transfer area.

It is important to remember that as soon as it becomes possible, you need to call a service engineer to defect and troubleshoot the black box. Installation, testing and adjustment of the equipment must be performed by a qualified service technician.

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