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Replacement of beacons Dukane DKM120

1. The mount for the hydroacoustic beacon has been changed.
Kelvin Hughes changed the mounting of the acoustic beacon used on the L3 emergency modules from Dukan DKM120 to the  Novega PT9 mount . This change is also valid for the series of emergency modules VDR-A19 and VDR-A18 L3 HVR02 / SVR02 / HVR03 and SVR03.

When replacing (installing) the Novega PT9 pressure sensor from the DKM120 is not required and must be converted (see below).

Here is shown the correctly installed sonar light Novega PT9 (without using a pressure sensor).

2. Part number and equipment
Novega PT9 C-Proof sonar lighthouse.
Kelvin Hughes Equipment Catalog Number: 55-100-0389-001
The PT9 unit comes with installation and testing instructions that must be followed.
Tools required for installation: 3 / 16th hex key

Important! PT9 CAN NOT be used as a replacement for the DK485 unit (55-100-0221-001) used on CSM Smiths.

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