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Impact of the 11th Amendment to the Ship Equipment Directive

The impact of the 11 th amendment to the marine equipment directive (MED) for gyrocompass.
Background and the current situation.
The 11th amendment to the marine equipment directive (MED) shall enter into force on 30 April 2016 The amendment updates the requirements for marine equipment, which also apply to displays and alarm communication.
Gyrocompasses series NAVIGAT X MK1, NAVIGAT X MK2 and NAVIGAT 3000 made after 30 April 2016 will not meet the above requirements of the 11th Amendment. To comply with the requirements relating to the communication signal, all single gyro compasses should be equipped NAVITWIN IV device.
Gyrocompasses NAVIGAT 3000, NAVIGAT X MK1 or NAVIGAT X MK2 made before April 30, 2016 is covered by the claims but before the expiry of the transitional period.
Just under the 11th amendment does not fall:
  • Conversion set to April 30, 2016
  • Alterations to ships that do not have a centralized alarm management system.
  • Dual gyrocompass system
  • Triple gyrocompass system
  • Single gyrocompass system function TMS
  • Systems for ships, which are exempt from the MED rules.
  • New systems CompassNet NAVIGAT 3000 CompassNet, NAVIGAT 200, 100 NAVIGAT
The equipment does not meet the requirements if:
  • This single gyrocompass NAVIGAT 3000 system, manufactured after April 30, 2016.
  • This single system gyrocompass NAVIGAT X MK1, manufactured after April 30, 2016.
  • This single system gyrocompass NAVIGAT X MK2, manufactured after April 30, 2016.
The equipment meets the requirements if:
  • This complete system TMS:











  • Dual system gyrocompass without / with function TMC:











  • Triple gyrocompass system with / without function TMC:

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