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Synchronous use of different types of electronic chart

Synchronous use of different types of electronic chart

If electronic charts other than ENCs are used in ECDIS then a message will be presented that warns the Navigator to use official, corrected charts for navigation

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Spare parts TOKYO KEIKI

Catalogue of spare parts production for TOKYOKEIKI compass.

  • To make an order for spare parts TOKYO KEIKI, contact your account manager or email sales@cirspb.ru the service department service @cirspb.ru
  • For questions, please call: in St. Petersburg (+7 812) 679-09-10 and 79045531441,
  • Petrozavodsk (+7 8142) 57-80-30 and (+7 8142) 57-00-03.


Model P / N  Description
SH-165A SCREEN GLASS Screen Glass for Magnetic Compass Projector
SH-165A CONDENSING REFLECTOR Condensing Reflector for HB-165A Compass bowl
SH-165A LAMP - 10 pcs Lamp for Condensing Reflector for HB-165A Compass bowl
SH-165A SOCKET Socket for Condensing Reflector for HB-165A Compass bowl
TG5000 15NT4 Transmitter 90x
TG5000 103590300 Repeater motor 90x step type 70V
TG5000 AGI50
Additional Gyrocompass Interface, includes TG5SA PWB (for
existing TG-5000 transmission unit), signal cables, operation
TG5000   Sensitive element
TG5000   Sensitive element (return to factory)
TG5000 102291224 Horizontal Amplifier TG5000
TG5000 102290456 2nd Servo Amp TG5000
TG5000 102290433 Servo motor SM11
TG5000 100370131 TG5000 Lamp 12V
TG5000 10006694 TG-5000 BALL BEARING (SERVOMOTOR SM-11)
TG5000 10229848 TG-5000 BRUSH
TG5000 10030711 TG-5000 MICRO SWITCH
TG6000, TG8000 102393794 Brush Assy (order with 102393804)
TG6000, TG8000 102393804 Brush Assy (order with 102393794)
TG6000 10169109 TG-6000 Inverter Ass'y
TG8000 10169220 Level Assy
TG8000 11002595 Screw Guide Pin (Thin 3.2 mm)
TG8000 11002596 Screw Guide Pin (Fat 3.4 mm)
TG8000 10189046 TG-8000 Step motor
TG8000 10160030 TG-8000 Belt
ES110, ES11 102102361 Rotor bearing
ES110, ES11 102305570 Grease, 30 g
ES11A 102191250 Primary coil ass'y
ES11A 102191231 Follow-up Transformer
ES11A 100351020 Transistor 2SB638H
ES110, ES11 100350890 Transistor 2SD650H
ES11A 103501331 TS4N60 Synchro motor
ES110, ES11 102791013 Synchro Motor 15NT4 (TS802E1)
ES110, ES11 102107070 DAIFILITY # 1 (100G)
ES110, ES11 101601621 Damper Oil , 10g
ES110, ES11   Lamp compass illumination 24V 0.11A (analog)
ES110, ES11   24V 3W Compass Compass Light Lamp
ES110, ES11   Repeater flashlight lamp 110V 5W
ES110, ES11 10239172 Inverter Ass'y
ES110, ES11 10239516 Inverter PWB - not available, ass'y only


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