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Repair of ship equipment

Repair of ship equipment

We inform you about the opening of the repair department. We can fix old equipment and buy unnecessary equipment.

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Hydrostats for emergency beacon

Humidistat to ARB - hydrostatic release units is designed to disconnect the ARB with the ship in an emergency. According to the requirements of classification societies, it is necessary to replace the hydrostatic every 2 years. 
Basic models hydrostatic:
  • Hammar H20 hydrostatic suitable for the vast majority of today's Beacon 
  • Humidistat Lo-Kata for ARB Lo-Kata EPB-A118 
  • Humidistat Samyung SEH-02 for ARB Samyung Sep-406 
  • Humidistat JRC MPX for ARB JRC JQE-2A and JQE-3A 
  • Humidistat HS-5 for Monsoon ARB-501 and ARB-M 
  • Humidistat SM-511 SM-511 EPIRB (Monsoon) and ARB SARACOM

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