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Simrad RS35

Multifunctional stationary VHF Simrad RS35 is designed specifically for small vessels, and includes all necessary functions for communication, including the AIS receiver and DSC Class D. The radio is made in a completely waterproof housing and can be mounted in any convenient location on the vessel. AIS receiver does not require a separate antenna, and received him with the information displayed on the large easy display radio Simrad RS35 or compatible display on NMEA 0183 and the NMEA 2000.
Additional cordless handset HS35 provides full mobility and internal communication with VHF radios. In one system, the network can be connected to two wireless handsets that can be freely moved along the deck. HS35 is equipped with a large display with backlight. Besides housing the cordless handset is completely leakproof. Battery life up to 8 hours.
Functional features:
  • DSC Class D
  • Dual Channel AIS Receiver
  • Convenient handheld microphone with built-in speaker
  • Cordless handset HS35
  • fully waterproof
  • Loud clear sound
  • Compatible NMEA 0183 and the NMEA 2000
  • Advanced features including radio AIS
  • Frequency Range TX: 156,025-157,425 MHz. RX: 156,025-163,275 MHz
  • Modulation FM (16KOG3E), DSC (16K0G2B)
  • Number of channels INT, USA, CAN
  • Size 180 x 96 x 156 mm
  • Sensitivity <=-6 dB V (12 dB SINAD)
  • Power supply 12 V DC
  • Consumption RX: <=1,5 A, <=0,25 A, <=3,5 A (max. Audio / waiting / megaphone)
  • Operating temperature range -20 ~ + 55 C
  • DSC Class D (EN301025)
  • Frequency spacing of 25 kHz

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