Thrane&Thrane SAILOR 6222

Thrane&Thrane SAILOR 6222
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VHF SAILOR 6222 VHF is designed for everyday use with all requirements and regulations and register IMO. radio received significant hardware and software improvements, including function SAILOR Replay, high-contrast 3.2 'QVA display providing a clear image at any time regardless of lighting conditions on the bridge. text may be displayed in different modes for different times of the day - white text on black background or black text on a white background. red lights provides convenient use at night.

  • SAILOR Replay function to play the last 240 seconds. negotiations
  • High-quality display for day and night use
  • Powerful 6W speaker
  • Intuitive display with a convenient menu structure
  • Large tactile buttons and rotary knob
  • Inter-unit communication protocol ThraneLINK

Radio SAILOR 6222  has protection class and IPx6 IPx8, allowing their use on public bridges. For ease of installation and use on all types of ships SAILOR 6222 VHF completed a wide range of accessories: Handset, PTT, microphones to be installed on the bridge, as well as the alarm panel and external speakers allow the system to operate at several points.

Basic equipment SAILOR 6222 VHF DSC:

  • Radio SAILOR 6222 VHF DSC
  • SAILOR 6201 Handset with Holder
  • User Guide
  • Installation Guide
  • Fixing clamps
  • Connectors for cables
  • Power cord with plug
  • Mounting kit konmol
  • SAILOR 6090 Power Inverter 24/12V


SAILOR 6201  Handset with holder (optional). Can connect up to two additional handsets SAILOR 6201, in addition to the main one.

SAILOR 6203  Handset with holder, protection class IPx6

SAILOR 6202  PTT for use instead of the tube, protection class and IPx6 IPx8

SAILOR 6204  External microphone.

SAILOR 6207  Connection Box for parallel tubes, including cable 406209-941

SAILOR 6208  Connection box with cable 406208-941 for external equipment

SAILOR 6270  External speaker.

SAILOR 6103  Multifunctional alarm panel for connection via Ethernet (LAN connector, ThraneLINK).

SAILOR 6197  5-port Ethernet switch for installation complete with alarm panels SAILOR 6103

SAILOR 6090  Power Inverter 24/12 VDC


Certificate RMRS
Certificate RMRS '6222'
Brochure '6222'

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Radar overlay

Radar overlay

In accordance with IMO Resolution MSC.282 (86) from 2012 to 2018 all seagoing vessels must be equipped with ECDIS systems in the elements of the integrated navigation system.