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Icom IC-GM651

Icom IC-GM651 - this sea-board VHF radio with built-in DSC Class A, corresponding to the GMDSS requirements for international commercial flights. Complete with power supply PS-250 DC-DC, radio IC-GM651 will also meet the requirements for MED 96/98/EC of the European merchant ships. 
Radio Icom IC-GM651 is made watertight housing (IPX7), which ensures stable operation in harsh marine environments. Large comfortable display with backlight provides multiple levels of visibility at any time of day. The radio works with headset or speaker with a remote microphone. Both devices can be connected otnovremenno. Headset makes listening to the received signal in a noisy environment, and speaker-microphone is equipped with a remote control buttons for the working path and the level of radiated power. 
Specifications Icom IC-GM651: 
  • Operating frequency: 156.000-Transfer 161.450MGts; Admission 156.000-163.425MGts 
  • Power Requirements: PS-250 (power supply for the PS-250 12/24V DC (10.8V - 31.2V) 
  • Current consumption (with PS-250 at 24V) 25W 3.5A 
  • loudest 1.0A 
  • Dimensions 220 x 110 x 124.4 mm 
  • Weight 1.6 kg 
  • Sensitivity (at 20dB SINAD) Station-5dB? emf 
  • Receiver Channel 70-5dB emf 
  • Suppression of intermodulation distortion over 75dB 
  • Audio power output (10% distortion, load 4) 2W 
  • Output level 25/1Vt

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