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Standard Horizon GX2100

Standard Horizon GX2100
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Onboard marine radio Standard Horizon GX2100 dual channel AIS receiver fitted and DSC Class D. The receiver allows you to receive AIS information, MMSI, call sign, ship name, BRG, DST, SOG and COG, as well as view the AIS target on the large monochrome LCD display radio. GX2100 also warns that ship (AIS equipped) fits too blizeo and Possibility of a collision.
Technical specifications:
Frequency Range: 156,050 - 163.275
Power supply: 13.8 V 20% DC
Consumption: 0.55 A / 5.0 A (Hi), 1,0 A (Lo)
Size: 180h80h160 mm
Weight: 1450
Band emissions: 80 dB (High Power), 66 dB (low power)
Output Power: 1 W / 25 W
Sensitivity: 0.3 uV (12 dB SINAD)
DSC: Class D ITU-R M.493

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