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Furuno FM8800

Ship GMDSS VHF station FM 8800 .


FM-8800 S /  is a high-quality ship VHF station, developed in accordance with the requirements of the GMDSS. Fully compliant with the ITU, IEC, ETSI and IMO . All the necessary functions such as modem DSC Class A and watch receiver 70 channel, embodied in a single compact unit

  • Station  FM-8800  provides half-duplex voice communication and station FM-8800  - full duplex communication excellence. For faster perception selected channel number is displayed in large digits on the LCD screen, high-brightness
  • Rotary knob and numeric keypad provides easy channel selection. In addition, the standard features of this device include direct access to channel 16 and other programmed channels and functions.
  • Class A DSC functions can send and receive a signal of distress and general DSC communications, including individual call, all ships call, group call and the call on the district.
  • Station performs continuous monitoring of the channel 70, even during a session on another VHF channel. When receiving an incoming DSC message station provides an audible and visual alarm.
  • In the inland waters of Europe provides for the use ATIS (Automatic Transmitter Indication System), which automatically transmits an identification number after the session or every 5 minutes during a communication. Modes with DSC and ATIS selected from the menu.
  • By the station can be connected two types of remote control panels: compact handset or remote control with built-in speaker and external tube.With the optional junction box you can simultaneously connect up to four remotes. Each of the tubes may be used as a means of internal communication.
  • The compact design allows the radio transceiver in the navigation console, or in a place from where the management of the vessel.



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