Furuno FM8500

Furuno FM 8500


- An economical close coupled marine VHF radio, consisting of VHF radiotelephone station 25 W, DSC modem and receiver duty VHF channel 70. 
It meets the basic requirements of the GMDSS safety and radio. 
FM-8500 provides simplex / half-duplex voice svyazna all international channels ITU in the range 156-174 MHz VHF band. Other standard features are simultaneously watch it two channels and multi-channel scanning, which allows duty on VHF channel 16 or other selected frequencies. 
Comprehensive set of DSC Class 'A' allow to receive and transmit distress signals, as well as challenges in the major formats: Individual phone call , conference call, and the Regional Group call. 
distress signal can be transmitted instantly, but DEVICE avoids inadvertent transfer.  
FM-8500 is on duty 70 channel even when using other channels VHF. 
When receiving incoming messages DSC FM-8500 gives an audible and visual signals. 
compact case makes it easy to install within the minimum size in the navigation console or near the point where the conning


Key features:

  • Monoblock design that includes a radiotelephone station DSC modem and receiver standby DSC.
  • Fully compliant with ITU, IEC, ETSI, IMO for GMDSS and other applicable standards.
  • Compact body, convenient for installation

Opportunities VHF:

  • Precision PLL frequency synthesizer to stabilize high frequency as required for operation in the DSC.
  • Output Power 25 W, with the possibility ponzhieniya power to 1 watt.
  • Simultaneously watch two channels and multiple channels skanorovanie

DSC capabilities

  • Continuous duty mode DSC on VHF channel 70
  • Protection against accidental activation of alarm
  • Editing finished posts Distress
  • Avtmatichesky input ship position with manual corrections.

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