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JRC NCR-333  NAVTEX receiver that is approved by  RMRS and PPP . This receiver is tuned to the frequency of 518 kHz, 490 kHz and 4209.5 kHz.NCR-333  can store up to 200 messages that remain in memory for 70 hours after taking or until the number of messages exceeds 200, then the message is overwritten.   Additionally receiver  NCR-333 can be connect an external printer.

Functional features:

  • Reception of broadcast messages NAVTEX 
    NCR-333 is the automatic reception of broadcast messages NAVTEX 518 kHz, 490 kHz and 4209.5 kHz.  
  • Large display and simplified perception of information 
    NCR-333 receiver is equipped with an LCD display with a diagonal of 5.7 '. An indication of the information symbols in three different sizes, depending on the user's choice.  
  • Function to store messages 
    NCR-333 can store up to 200 messages identification codes up to 70 hours. In addition, each channel can store up to 50 messages. 
  • Automatic adjustment function of the receiving station 
    NCR-333 receiver is capable of selecting stations will automatically based on the correct GPS positional data. 
  • Continuous saving settings 
    In NCR-333 provides storage of message types and coast stations in the memory. You do not need to recover data even when the power switch was turned off suddenly.  
  • Supports two voltage levels  
    NCR-333 receiver can be used on ships battery 24 V or 12 V DC.
  • Self-diagnosis function 
    NCR-333 receiver features automatic diagnostics. This feature is designed to simplify the handling of the receiver and improve reliability. 
  • Connecting to External Equipment 
    NCR-333 receiver can be used with the navigator JRC (ECDIS) and external serial printer. 
Operating frequencies 490 kHz, 518 kHz, 4209.5 kHz
Receive Mode F1B
Impedance 50 ohms
Frequency Stability + / - 15 Hz
Display 5.7 'black and white LCD
Number of received and stored messages 200
Storage time posts 70 hours
Output interfaces 2 (printer and INS)
Food 12 ~ 24 V DC


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