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Receiver NASA PC Navtex Pro USB

Receiver NASA PC Navtex Pro USB - receives messages on 518 kHz and 490 kHz. Designed to run on a personal computer. It provides continuous operation, thus always providing the latest weather data message or other information stored in the internal memory of the device. Simple and easy to use software makes it easy to find information of interest. Also NASA PC Navtex Pro USB allows you to print messages.
The kit NASA PC Navtex Pro USB includes a receiver and an antenna. Also in the kit is supplied with a fuse cord, hard disk with software, USB - adapter and a CD with drivers, to install the receiver and the cable length of 7 meters to connect the antenna.
For successful operation of the receiver,there are minimum requirements for the PC: 
  • Operating system - Microsoft Windows Vista and 98
  • The screen resolution - 1024x768
  • RAM - 12MB
  • Processor - 500MHz
  • Frequencies receiving messages - 518 kHz and 490 kHz
  • Power Lights - LED
  • Indicators Data - LED
  • - Power - 10 DC
  • Current consumption - 20 mA at 12 V power
  • Dimensions receiver - 102h100h27 mm
  • Dimensions of the antenna - 195 mm
  • The length of the antenna cable - 7 m

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NGSM Information letter

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