Transas T-701

Transas T-701
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  GPS / GLONASS Transas T-701  - it is accessible, reliable and functional. RMRS has certificates and PPP. The best choice for the experienced user.Lots of features, easy management, color display, the ability to receive DGPS correction information and DGLONASS.

  • Reception and processing of GLONASS signals (ST) code, and GPS (C / A) code in the frequency range L1, and the sub-differential SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS);
  • Admission and registration DGPS correction information and DGLONASS in accordance with the recommendations RTCM SC-104 V2.2;
  • Determining the location, speed and course of the vessel relative to the ground;
  • Extradition to the display and external customers of the current coordinates in the selected user coordinate system;
  • Reception, storage and update almanacs GLONASS and GPS and SBAS;
  • Assessment and mapping of location accuracy vessel

Two-way indicator Transas T-701 provides a display on the display screen and external customers issuing supplementary navigational information:

  • information about hardware modes, input and output parameters;
  • observed values of the geometric factor constellation SNA;
  • number and the number of satellites in monitoring, signal / noise ratio, the azimuth and elevation of satellites;
  • automatic monitoring and diagnosis of operation of the equipment, fault indication;
  • software mode of the vessel on a given route, traffic on the fairway, anchorage, the 'Man Overboard';
  • the ability to set the keyboard indicator of routes and waypoints;
  • remembering the current coordinates as a waypoint coordinates;
  • determine the direction and distance from the current point to any of the waypoints, deviation from a predetermined route, payment of traveling time;
  • interfacing with external systems via NMEA-0183 protocol (IEC 61162);
  • granting consumers timestamp;
  • receiving text messages RTCM (type 16) of control and correction stations DGPS and DGLONASS.
Technical characteristics
Parameter Value
GLONASS frequency range 1592-1610 MHz
Frequency range GPS 1575.42 MHz
Frequency Range CRP 283.5-325.0 kHz
Receive Code GLONASS ST (L1)
GPS C / A (L1)
Number of channels GNSS 24 (universal GLONASS / GPS / SBAS)
Number of Channels PKI 2 (parallel tracking)
Update Rate 1
Cold start GNSS 90
Cold start PKI 60 s (typical)
Warm GNSS 50
Hot start GNSS 10
Hot Start PCR 2 (typical)
Sensitivity better than 155 dB / m
Performance characteristics
Positioning accuracy GPS / GLONASS 9 m (typical 5 m)
Accuracy height of GPS / GLONASS 12 m (typical 8 m)
Orientation angles of the course 0,2 1 m base
Accuracy of time 100 ns
Velocity Accuracy 0.5 m / s


Certificate RRR
Certificate RMRS

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