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Wind sensor DEIF WSS

Wind sensor DEIF WSS
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The wind sensor DEIF WSS (anemometer) is designed for use on marine vessels to determine the wind direction and speed. The device has a certificate of approval of RMRS.
Sensor DEIF WSS supports a large number of interfaces. The line of RS-485 communication for reliable operation must be provided with end resistors (terminators) 120 ... 200 Ohm. Teamwork and RS485 NMEA0183 - up to ten RS-485 devices and one NMEA0183 device in read mode can be simultaneously connected to the data interface of the sensor. NMEA0183 communication line must be provided with a terminal resistor (terminator) 200 ... 250 Ohm for the output level of> + / 2.1 V. NMEA0183 devices must not create a load on the line more than 2 mA at + / 2 V. Note: In systems where the sensor is carried out a survey of more than one device, it is recommended to use a splitter interface (NMEA-buffer). NMEA 0183 version.

The wind sensor is available in two versions:
  • WSS with built-in heating element to prevent ice 
  • WSS-L without heating
  • Supply voltage: 12 V or 24 V DC (9.0 ... 31.2 V)
  • Power consumption WSS-L and WSS heater when idle: <0.1 W
  • WSS Power consumption at maximum power heater: <15 W
  • Wind speed: 0 .... 116 nodes (0 .... 60 m / s)
  • Resolution: 0.1 unit
  • Accuracy class: in the range 0 ... 68 units: ± 0.6 unit or ± 3% (the maximum of the two values) in the range of more than 68 units: 5%
  • Wind direction: 0 .... 360 °
  • Resolution: 1 °
  • Class precision: ± 3% with respect to the wind direction
  • Update interval: 1 second

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