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Airmar 150WX

Airmar 150WX
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AIRMAR 150WX is a weather station designed to provide information about weather, atmospheric pressure and temperature (thanks to built-in sensors). AIRMAR 150WX is easy to install and configure, inexpensive, and has a robust housing. By using differential corrections, the accuracy of the station readings is increased.

The AIRMAR 150WX also has several integrated sensors that measure wind speed and direction, and a built-in receiver receives WAAS data.


  • Power supply from 9 V to 40 V DC
  • Operating temperature -25 ° C to 55 ° C (-13 ° F to 131 ° F)
  • 5 knot wind speed dynamics (RMS 5.7 mph, 2.5 m / s RMS)
  • Directional sensitivity 0.1 knot
  • Digital outputs RS232 or RS422 and CAN
  • Sensitivity to wind speed 0.1 knot (0.1 mph, 0.1 m / s)
  • Resolution 0.1 °

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