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Ship weather station Character-K, developed by the company Scientific Production Enterprise 'Radar mms', is designed to measure, calculate, display and record hydrometeorological data, as well as their input into shipborne complexes and systems. The ship weather station receives and displays the following data:
  • Speed and direction of the apparent wind,
  • Speed and direction of the true wind,
  • Atmosphere pressure,
  • Height of the lower cloud boundary,
  • The meteorological range of visibility,
  • Excess hydrostatic pressure,
  • Temperature of sea water,
  • Temperature and relative humidity of air in the enclosed spaces of the ship.
  • All measurements are made by built-in sensors DSNV-2, DTVV-1, DAD-1, DVGO-1 and DMDV-1.
The delivery package of the ship weather station Character-K includes:
  • Block processor BPR-1
  • Remote display TV-1
  • Wind speed and direction sensor anemometric
  • Combined DSNV-2
  • Atmospheric pressure sensor DAD-1
  • Temperature and relative humidity sensor DTVV-1
  • Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor DTVV-2
  • The sensor for the height of the lower boundary of clouds DVGO-1
  • Sensor of meteorological (optical) visibility range DMDV-1
  • Hydrological probe OLD-1
  • Universal marine computing complex UMVK-18
  • Set of operational documentation according to schedule
  • The verification procedure of VTG.416531.001 MP
  • Set of spare parts
  • Speed of apparent wind (W) Measuring range, m / s Limits of permissible error, m / s: from 1 to 50! ± (0.5 + 0.05W)
  • Direction of apparent wind Measurement range, degrees / limits of tolerable error (at W more than 5 m / s), degrees: from 0 to 360 ± 6
  • Information update period, from 5
  • Wind parameters averaging time, min 10
  • Continuous operation time, h, not less than 48
  • The supply voltage from the AC source frequency (50 1) Hz, 220 V
  • Consumed electric power, kVA, not less (depending on the version) 0,2 - 1,2
  • Mean time between failures, h, min. 500
  • Resource before the first repair, h, not less than 5000
  • Service life, years, not less than 5

Certificate RMRS

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