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Wind Sensor LA-24513

Combined marine wind sensor LA-24513 is designed for use on ships to measure wind speed and direction. Mechanical abrasion is reduced to a minimum. Measured wind parameters are reported consistently every minute, as the protocol NMEA. Suitable for extreme weather conditions, both at sea and on land.
 body resistant to sea water
 low initial values
 high accuracy and linearity over the entire measuring range
 NMEA 0183
 High quality and durable construction
Accuracy% FS Direction: ± 2,5 °; Speed: ± 2%
Output signals RS485 / NMEA 0183 / WIMWV
Measuring range direction, ° 0 ... 360
Wind speed, m / c 0,4 ... 60
Ambient Temperature, ° C 70 -35 ...

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