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Furuno DRS25A

The Furuno DRS25A is an ultra-high-definition digital radar (UHD ™) capable of receiving real-time signal despite interference from the environment. It includes an open antenna of 4 "or 6" length and a 12 kW power supply. The equipment can be connected to other devices using the NMEA protocol. 

The technology of simultaneous scanning of disks, provides unsurpassed target detection. With each antenna sweep, two progressive transmissions are transmitted, received and processed to simultaneously display two separate radar bands on the NavNet TZtouch / 3D display. The display is purchased separately.

The satellite compass SC-30 and the GPS receiver GP-330B can also be connected.

Power for these network sensors is fed directly from the fairing itself, which allows you to flexibly install several sensors without having to route cables to the main processor unit


  • Peak Output Power: 25 kW
  • Antenna type: Open 1255 mm (4 ') / 1795 open mm (6')
  • Frequency 9410 ± 30 MHz
  • Beamwidth (Horizontal) 1.9 ° / 1.4 °
  • Beamwidth (Vertical) 22 ° / 22 °
  •  Antenna rotation speed 24/36/48 rpm
  • The weight:  
    • 4 'open Radar Sensor DRS12A / 25A 26 kg 57.3 kg 
    • 6 'Open Radar Sensor DRS25A / 12A / 25A 28 kg 61.7 kg
  • Temperature -30 ° C to + 55 ° C
  •  Waterproofing IP26

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