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VSAT KU-band KNS Z12 MK4

Terminal VSAT KU-band KNS Z12 MK4  with an antenna diameter of 120 cm for broadband satellite communications on sea and river vessels. 

The entire design of the Z Mk4 antenna system has been updated, including mechanical, electrical and RF parts, with the addition of new convenient features.
KNS Z-series MK4 is DVB-S2X compatible with built-in NIM tuner, which allows the carrier SNR (signal noise level tracking) to be monitored directly.

Antenna signal strength or RSSD can be monitored via the web interface via a PC and other wireless devices such as tablet PC and mobile phone.   
ACU can be controlled via Wi-Fi interface.

The standard kit includes VSAT KU-band KNS Z12 MK4:
  • Antenna, antenna pedestal, built-in controller
  • Antenna system controller 19 "
  • Locking system
  • Antenna dome
  • Installation Tool Kit
  • Multi-band low-noise LNA frequency converter Ku band univers. -Q-PLL 128210-60
  • 8W or 16W Ext Ku band BUC
  • Universal / standard transmitting amplifier-converter (transmitter

Diameter: 120 cm (47 inches)
Antenna size: 161 cm (L) x 163 cm (H)
Antenna weight: 120 Kg Radome
material: FRP
Frequency X: 13.75 ~ 14.5 GHz; RX: 10.7 ~ 12.75 GHz
Antenna Gain: TX: 42.87 dBi at 14.25 GHz; RX: 40.95 dBi at 11.75 GHz
Elevation Angle -10˚ to + 110им Azimuth
Range Unlimited
Lateral Angle ± 35˚ Ship
Movement Roll: ± 24 ° for 8-12 second periods
Tilt: ± 14 ° for periods 6-12 seconds
Yaw: ± 8 ° at 15-20 second periods
Tracking speed More than 90˚ / sec
Temperature -20 to +55 ° C
Humidity Up to 100% at 40˚C
Antenna input power 48 VDC, 4.18 A

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