Navcom CPC-300

Navcom CPC-300

Navcom CPC-300
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CPC-300 is an advanced radio frequency band of the river. Maximum transmitter power - 15 watts. The radio used for radio dispatch and radio communications between vessels on the waterways. It works in two-frequency simplex mode. It has the ability to change the power and channels with PTT.
Fully meet the requirements of the Russian River Register.
CPC-300 is equipped with a modern element base and the latest technological solutions. The design of the station is made of strong and durable materials with a high degree of protection against the ingress of dust or water. On the front side of the control keys are placed, for example, the transition key on Channel 5. Provided the key lock function. Additionally, CPC-300 scans in two, three channels, and scans all channels memory. The display has an adjustable backlight.
The versatile design allows you to use the radio in different variations:
  • Mounting on console bracket
  • Fixing to the ceiling by means of brackets
  • flush mounting
Additional functions:
  • Indication of a high power transmitter
  • 'You took the' Signal
  • Displays signal strength (inbound / outbound)
  • Emergency Signal
  • Transmitter
  • Power - 15.0 / 1.0 W
  • Frequency range - 300.012 - 336.5125 MHz
  • Grid spacing - 25 kHz
  • Distortion - 0.60%
  • Maximum frequency deviation - 3.6 kHz
  • The parasitic frequency modulation - 43 dB
  • Side transmitter radiation - 1.5 mW
  • The deviation of the transmitter frequency - 8x10-7
  • Parasitic amplitude modulation - 1.80%
Receiver Specifications:
  • Sensitivity - 0.17 microvolts
  • Distortion -45 dB
  • Noise level 43 dB
  • Adjacent Channel Selectivity 75 dB
  • Selectivity of side channels 85 dB
  • Intermodulation selectivity of 75 dB
  • DC Power supply 10.8 - 15.6
  • The maximum current is not more than 5 A
  • Nominal sound power of 5 W


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