Ermak CP 360

Ermak CP 360
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Ermak CP 360 p azrabotana based Motorola GM360. Reliable station for riverboats quality VHF radio. Functional features allow the use JERMAK CP-360 as well as the coastal radio dispatcher. In all radio channels programmed radio band 300-350 MHz used on inland waterways of Russia. This allows you to quickly turn on the radio to work without programming channels. The radio station has a large alphanumeric display will display the number of the communication channel and the transmitter power level (high / low).Backlight display has two levels of brightness that improves the user experience in the dark. Channel Scan enables you to monitor activity on all channels of communication; function has priority listening on Channel 5, and access to the touch of a button.

The standard package includes:

- Radio JERMAK CP-360
- Special casing mounting radio
- Power (Power source type is selected depending on the type of vessel mains)
- Antenna
By radio JERMAK CP-360 fits a wide range of accessories manufactured Motorola, including microphones, external speakers, external PTT, audiogarnitury, desktop installation kits, which allows the most complete way to satisfy user requirements.

Specifications ERMAK radio SR-360:

- Frequency range: 300 - 350 MHz
- Output: 1/15 W
- Temperature range: -30 C to +60 C
- Bandwidth: 25.0 kHz
- Number of channels: 255
- Sensitivity (12 dB SINAD) EIA: Less than 0.3 uV
- Power supply: 13.2 (10.8 - 15.6) with a negative body
- Dimensions in mm: 186 x 179 x 59
- Weight, g: 1400

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