VHF radio 'Aquanaut'

VHF radio 'Aquanaut'

Ship VHF 'Aquanaut' working in the maritime frequency range (156-174 MHz), equipped with DSC Class A, as well as a built-in GLONASS / GPS function synchronization. The radio has a function to scan multiple channels simultaneously. Besides equipment integrates with shipboard communications networks.
  • Two-way communication in the operating frequency range: 156-174 MHz increments grid frequency of 12.5 kHz
  • Continuous non-stop reception at a frequency of 156.525 MHz mode DSC
  • Transfer of DSC alerts on channel 70 (156.525 MHz)
  • Ready to go - no more than 1 min after switching on the radio equipment
  • Work for 6 hours with the ratio of transmission / reception of 1: 2
  • Work for 30 min in the transmit mode
  • Switching time: a transmission mode in the receive mode and back again - no more than 0.1 seconds, indefinitely - not more than 1
  • Auto Scan Mode priority and additional channels. Scan priority channel with a frequency of at least once in 0.2 seconds
  • Built-in DSC provides a work in accordance with the provisions of the 'Recommendations M.493-13 ITU-R'
  • Sensitivity in the receive mode to receive frequencies less than 2.0 mV (at signal / noise ratio is 20dB)
  • You can connect the VHF radio installation GigabitEthernet network for integration into advanced control and communication systems
  • The nominal value of the carrier power - from 15 to 25 W, at a reduced output power of 0.5 - 1.0 W (other than channel 70)

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