Granite 2-23

Fixed station Granite 2P-23 operates in the frequency range 146-174 MHz. The radio station has pylebryzgozaschischayuschy housing on the front of which there are control buttons, indicator and connector for a headset. On the rear panel are jacks connect the antenna, external speaker and power supply. The radio has a wide range of functions necessary for obesepecheniya quality stable communication. 
  • Loss protection antenna with visualization on the display. 
  • Several scanning modes. 
  • Different standards tones - CTCSS, DCS, DTMF, dial tone. 
  • Memory for 100 channels. 
  • Scrambler. 
  • Port for external devices, access to the external speaker. 
  • The frequency range 146-174 MHz 
  • Power Output 45 
  • Frequency deviation of 5 kHz 
  • Number of memory channels 99 + 1 
  • Frequency control Frequency Synthesizer 
  • Receiver Type Double-conversion superheterodyne frequency 
  • Sensitivity, mV 0.2 
  • Selectivity 80 dB 
  • Sound output, W 5 
  • Frequency separation between the channels, 25 kHz (12.5) 
  • Operating temperature range, C -30 +50
' 2-23'

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