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Furuno DRS4A

Furuno DRS4A
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Furuno DRS4A is an open-type radar antenna made using UHD Digital technology. It allows you to detect a surface target at a distance of 48 nautical miles. The device has built-in functions for eliminating interference from the sea (STC) and rain (FTC), automatic tuning, simultaneous scanning in 2 bands and the ability to independently adjust parameters for each band, connect optional tools via the Bus Bus, select a color palette and much more . DRS4A is compatible with NavNet 3D and NavNet TZtouch displays (PSU012 is required).


  • Dimensions - 1.07 m (open)
  • Power - 4 kW
  • Waterproof IPX6
  • The beam angle is 2.3 horizontally, 22 vertically
  • Rotation of the antenna - 24, 36 and 48 rpm
  • The maximum range is 48 nautical miles
  • A variety of color palette for better viewing of target differences (32 colors when connecting displays MFD8 or MFD12, 256 colors when connected to MFDBB)
  • Sea Clutter function - interference from the sea
  • Rain Clutter function - rain interference
  • ARPA (anti-collision) function - up to 30 targets
  • AIS data - provides an automatic search for information to identify and locate the ship (option, requires an AIS receiver)
  • Function Gain - amplification
  • Zoom function
  • Guard Zone function - security zone
  • The VRM function is a movable distance marker
  • Function EBL - electronic bearing marker
  • High resolution
  • Embedded in the navigation system via Ethernet cables
  • CAN BUS CONNECTION is a communication protocol that separates several data and signals via one cable, identifiers are assigned to all devices, and the status of each sensor in the network can be tracked. All devices connected via the Can Bus can be connected to the NMEA2000
  • Interface - NMEA 2000. The ability to connect to the network port of additional equipment: WS-200 wind sensor, SC-30 satellite compass, GP-330B GPS receiver. The power for these network sensors comes directly from the antenna fairing, which allows flexible installation of several sensors without the need to route cables all the way to the main processor unit.

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