Lowrance Link-2

Lowrance Link-2

Lowrance Link-2- VHF-radio station of DSC class, providing high-quality communication during the voyage, regardless of the location of the vessel. The radio station is equipped with an LCD display with the ability to adjust the level of contrast and illumination and a screen resolution of 128 x 128 pixels. The display shows the latitude, longitude and time. The signal transmission power can be regulated from 5 to 1 W. The case of the device is made of waterproof materials. The radio station is equipped with soft function keys, signal reception indicator. It operates on a lithium-ion battery (1400mAh), which is included in the package. The battery charge is enough to work with GPS on without additional recharging for 11 hours. The compact size and light weight of the device allows it to be used daily, and also stored in an emergency kit.

Link-2  has the functions of "man overboard", digital selective calling (in accordance with all standards of the Coast Guard for pleasure craft). The "man overboard" function allows you to lock the place where a person fell overboard at the touch of a button. After pressing the button, the position coordinates are automatically stored in the device's memory until the operator deletes them.

In the internal memory of the device it is possible to save up to three hundred waypoints and up to 20 contacts. Up to 3 channels can be programmed to the selected button. The possibility of both individual and group calls is realized. There is also a weather warning function.

LINK-2 is sold complete with a special belt clip, bracelet, charger.


  • Screen resolution 128 x 128
  • LCD Display Type
  • Output power 5 Watt / 1 Watt (low power)
  • Operating frequency TX: 156.025-157.425MHz, RX: 156.050-163.275MHz

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