Sailor SC 4000

Sailor SC4000 Iridium system

Designed in accordance with international maritime standards and like all products Cobham - high quality and reliability , suitable for professional use at sea.
Easy to install ( just 3 blocks) :

Antenna - SA4110

Slim, compact but sturdy . The antenna has no moving parts , waterproof . Antenna to withstand extreme conditions at sea.

H/S - Sailor SC4150

is a smart phone and a control unit. Works in the style of a mobile phone has a large LCD screen with a logical menu for ease of use . It can store up to 100 contacts with repetition and Call log function. Loud beep provides the opportunity to hear a ringing tone from afar.

Transceiver - SAILOR ST4120

Robust transceiver has a metal protective cover for professional marine ispolzovaniya.Legky access to SIM-card. Easy to install .
Connection accessories and other functions
In total, can be applied four SC4150 phones , providing convenience for the location and use. Sailor ST4120 Iridium transceiver also has an interface for connecting to a PC input and NMEA, as well as for additional RJ11 analog phone or PBX systems standard that allows any phone to receive calls on board .
Function Ship Security Alert System ( SSAS )
SAILOR SC4000 Iridium system is the addition of a set SSOOs SAILOR H4122 SSAS .
SSAS function meets all the requirements of SOLAS resolution XI- 2/6 and requires no additional costs besides the standard Iridium.
With the Iridium Tracking System ( tracking function ), Sailor SC4000 Iridium can be tracked at any time in regular intervals configured on ship or on shore.
There are two ways to get information about the position :
1) Automatic ITS
Automatic mode ITS installed and enabled on the configuration page. In this mode, the device sends periodic messages CCOO tracking. The period between messages can be set from 1 minute to 255 minutes.
2) Send an SMS or e-mail to the terminal via the Iridium phone number on the SIM-card. SMS or E-mail message must contain the following:
Where the password from 1 to 8 digits . Password is set on the configuration page . Use capital letters .
ITSREQ, 77347562
When the device receives a message CCOO request with a valid password control unit SSAS will send a message with your vessel.
Note :
Message from the vessel will be sent only to the programmed address ( configuration ) , not to the sender SMS or e-mail
technical characteristics
frequency band
Terminal - satellite -1626.5 1616 MHz (L- band )
Intersatellite 23.18 - 23.38 GHz ( Ka- band)
Voice / data 2.4 kbit / s On -QPSK
Data compression 10 kbit / s On -QPSK
Power supply 10 - 32 VDC
Power consumption Tx: 25 W
Backing 8 W
Environmental conditions
Temperature -35 C to +55 C
Relative humidity up to 95% at 40 C
Icing Up to 25 mm of ice
Precipitation Before 100mm/chas
Wind ( speed) to 100 knots
IME:2 - 50 Hz + / - 1 g
EME:4 - 33 Hz + / - 1 g
ST4120 transceiver
Tube RS- 485 , 8 -wire, 600 ?
Telephone / PBX RJ- 11 , 2-wire , 600 ?
Data ( PC ) RS232 ( standard serial )
Information about the location of NMEA 0183
Setting , SMS configuration via PC connection and software
Dimensions HxWxD 309 x 150 x 87 mm
Dimensions 12.2 x 5.9 x 3.4 inches
Weight 2.7 kg (6 lb)
SC4150 Remote control - Phone
Dimensions HWD 68.5 x 209 x 66.5 mm
Dimensions 2.7 x 8.2 x 2.6 inches
SA4110 antenna unit
General characteristics spiral , omnidirectional antenna 210 ( 3 dB bandwidth )
Elevation angle from any direction 20 from the horizon
Satellite height > 8 measurements
? 96 mm ( 3.8 ' )
height 140 mm ( 5.5 ' )

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