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MP - is a BNWAS offer by Company MPC Electronics. The system is designed to ensure control over the functioning of the main ship control station, as well as the identification of disability watchkeeping mate.
BNWAS MP supplied, consisting of:
  • MP-1 - Alarm panel (built into the control room design)
  • MP-2 - control unit (mounted on DIN-rail inside the control room design)
  • MP-3 - Reset button (built into the control room design)
  • Power supply unit PSU-XXX-24 (mounted on DIN-rail inside the control room design)
  • MP-24-C - posts buzzer
  • MP-24-A1 - light signaling posts
  • MP-24 C4 - positions the combined signal
* Posts alarm installed on a vertical or horizontal surface on the open deck or in the ship's rooms. Audible alarms have jumpers to select the type of signal and control the volume level.
This set of equipment meets the requirements of Resolution MSC.128 (17), the requirements of 'Rules for the Classification and Construction of Sea-Going Ships of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping', 'Rules for the classification and construction of vessels engaged in mixed (river-sea) Russian River Register.' Suitable for use on ships of sea and mixed swimming. BNWAS MP should receive basic mains DC 24V or 220V AC.
The principle of operation is the timely submission of audible and visual alarms, provided long-term absence of activity on the bridge. The system is designed for manual alarm reset, which forces the watch officer to disable the device independently.
The special design BNWAS can operate in different climatic conditions, such as: reduced to -100S temperature and hung up to + 55C. Furthermore the system is resistant to corrosion.
  • Power consumption - 5 Watt
  • Degree of protection - IP44
  • Weight - 0.4 kg
  • Number of alarm lines - 1
  • Power consumption - 7W
  • Degree of protection - IP20
  • Weight - 0.5 kg
  • Number of alarm lines - 6
  • Power consumption - 4W
  • Degree of protection - IP66
  • Weight - 0.1 kg
Certificate RMRS

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