Phonetech 8300 MkII

Phonetech 8300 MkII
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Phonetech 8300 MkII - a modern system of reception of external sound signals. It is an analogue of the popular system Phontech SR8200. It is designed to receive and detect acoustic signals from the other vessels. Suitable for installation on the bridge closed. It meets the requirements of IEC 60945, ISO 14859, IEC 61162-1, IEC-61162-450, IEC 62288 Ed 2.0. It has approval MED-B.
Certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.
Phonetech 8300 MkII has a web interface. Volume and dimmer manually adjusted. Additionally, you can connect a display SR8300 MkII. System Sound reception is quite simple to install and guarantees high performance. Watch officer receives and transmits voice information using omni-directional microphone. Information is transmitted in the frequency range 70 to 2100 Hz. Thanks to the innovative technology Jotron suppressed background noise. Phonetech 8300 MkII is made of reliable and high-quality materials.
  • Frequency Response - 70 - 2100 Hz
  • Operating voltage - 24 V DC
  • Dimensions - 144x144x124 mm
  • Frequency range - 70 - 2100 Hz
  • Type of protection - IP22
  • Operating Temperature Range - -15 + 55C
  • Weight - 0.85 kg

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