Saura B-75LA

Saura B-75LA

Saura B-75LA
  • RMRS
  • RRR
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Saura B-75LA - a compact magnetic compass designed for use on small riverboats as navigational equipment . Comes with a handy wooden box for easy transport . B-75S can be used as a grappling compass .
  • ease of maintenance
  • original decision mounting: vertical and inclined surface ;
  • small size of the compass ;
  • lights 24 V DC;
  • Use as boat compass , compass card 75 mm diameter .
  • no need for annual maintenance fluid replacement
  • unique ultra-reliable rotation assembly of rose consisting of igpy made of platinum-iridium alloy and reinforced response node on compass rose made of sapphire.
  • short production and stock the most popular models
  • a large selection of compasses binnacle with different heights ( from 430 to 1225 mm. ) , and the presence of boat compasses and grid
Certificate RRR